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Liponsaure Germany - 10 x 600mg-FAT Burning Solution

1. A replace lipostabil 250mg ∕ 5ml product from German, now 600mg ampoules. 2. Able to alter the cholesterol and other fatty acids underneath the skin. 3. Penetrates skin layer and emulsifies the...

10/15/2018 14:03:45Condition: NewOther - For saleOther countryRating:
Lucchini Life Cell Placenta Therapy 30 x 2ml (Swiss)

The Sovereigns’ Indulgence: The Noble and the Famous Biological aging is inevitable after the age of 30. This is only natural and no one can escape from the process. Throughout history, it has been...

10/15/2018 13:03:11Condition: NewOther - For saleOther countryRating:
Lucchini Fresh Sheep Placenta Extracts

Contents: 50 ampoules x 2ml of Phsiology Activation Substance Carbohydrate, Nucleic Acid, Growth Factor, Amino Acids, Hydrolysed Collagen, Concentrated Bio Protein, Ceramide, Vitamin and Minerals,...

10/15/2018 13:02:26Condition: NewOther - For saleOther countryRating:
Cyrocell STEM CELL

Cyrocell stem cell technology is based on thirty years of research and clinical experience conducted by researchers and clinicians. Cyrocell contains advance cultivated stem cells and plant placenta...

10/15/2018 13:01:11Condition: NewOther - For saleOther countryRating:
L - CARN Slimming

L-Carnitine belongs to the group named Amino Acid. Our body produces it to maintain basic metabolism. It is important in transporting fatty acids from outside the cells into the cells, for burning in...

10/15/2018 13:00:41Condition: NewOther - For saleOther countryRating:
Lefcar 5 Slimming

Contents: L-Carnitine 1g ∕ 5ml solution (6 ampoules) Dexpanthenol 500mg ∕ 2ml solution (6 ampoules) Excipients - panfolactone, parahydroxybenzoate, sodium benzoate acid....

10/15/2018 12:59:09Condition: NewOther - For saleOther countryRating:
Acido Ascorbico Bayer Vitamin C

As we know vitamin c is highly publicized for its well known function, yet there are many of us not fully awared of its benefits. The advantages of taking vitamin C injection is: 1 ∕ Aims in...

10/15/2018 12:58:39Condition: NewOther - For saleOther countryRating:
Gerovital H3 Plant Placenta-anti Aging AND SKIN Rejuvenation

Based on Procaine, Gerovital H3 (or GH3 on short), has been discovered by a Romanian doctor, Prof. Dr Ana Aslan at the National Geriatric Institute in Bucharest, the capital City of Romania, in early...

10/15/2018 12:57:21Condition: NewOther - For saleOther countryRating:
Laennec Placenta - ANTI Aging AND SKIN Rejuvenation

Laennec Fresh Cell Therapy Stem cells are responsible for growth during childhood and for the repair and regeneration of human tissue throughout our lives. After the age of 25 the level of stem cells...

10/15/2018 12:55:50Condition: NewOther - For saleOther countryRating:
Melsmon Placenta 2ml-ANTI Aging AND SKIN Rejuvenation

Contents: 50 ampoules of 2ml each Fast anti-aging effect for all ages. Promotes smoother skin and a firmer complexion. See results in only 3 weeks once treatment starts. A very simple procedure done...

10/15/2018 12:41:36Condition: NewOther - For saleOther countryRating:
One Globe Pocket Wifi and Two SmartBro Pocket Wifi

1 ∕ Globe Pocket Wifi: LTE Wifi, Speeds of up to 42Mbps and connects 16 devices. 2050mAh Battery, with Charger. Model: Youwin M022 2 ∕ Smart Pocket Wifi: Navigate the online world with ease, going at...

10/10/2018 06:36:11Condition: UsedOther - For saleQuezon City - ProvincePrice: ₱ 2000
Gift Card, Gift Tag, Thank You Card - Personalized

We make Gift Tags, Calling Cards, Product Labels, Sticker Labels, Souvenir Tags, Thank you Tags, Invitations, Calendars, Money Envelopes. Personalized and customized for your own purpose. Unique...

10/04/2018 12:18:03Condition: NewOther - For saleParañaque City - ProvincePrice: ₱ 1600Rating:
St. Peter Plan

Anti-inflationary plans that guarantee your choice of a lifetime Memorial Service Package. Inclusions: * Pick up of cadaver * Preparations for viewing and chapel venue * 4 days chapel...

09/01/2018 14:06:03Condition: NewOther - OfferingCavite - ProvincePrice: ₱ 725Rating:
Mall Food Kiosk, Mall Food Cart for Sale

We accept orders from all over the Philippines. Our Products & Services: 1. We create your own custom Business or Food Carts ∕ Kiosks ∕ Starter Budget Carts 2. Commercial Shop, Carts, Stalls or...

09/01/2018 14:03:28Condition: NewOther - For saleCavite - ProvincePrice: ₱ 28000Rating:
Funeral and Memorial Plan - St. Peter Plans

St. Peter Traditional Life Plans These are anti-inflationary plans that guarantee your choice of a lifetime Memorial Service Package. St. Peter Traditional Life Plans provide outstanding Death Care...

07/05/2018 12:03:37Other - OfferingCavite - ProvincePrice: ₱ 725Rating:
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